Evolving Our Green Mission

Incorporating social and environmental priorities and practices into our brand, our products and our relationships

Environmental Commitments

At Universal Woods, we are committed to the responsible use of our environmental resources. Where possible, we have chosen to be an environmentally friendly organization for both ethical and economic reasons and we continue to find ways to promote and practice environmental stewardship.

Our Manufacturing Plant is located in Louisville, KY. The manufacturing plant is an environmentally considerate facility that uses a low energy process for curing our ChromaLuxe®Unisub®, and ResinDek® coatings. Aluminum and steel and products are recycled on-site. Low energy use light bulbs are in place as well as a program of unplugging or shutting down any unneeded equipment when possible. Plastic drinking water bottles and aluminum cans are recycled as well as any plain paper. We strive to protect the planet while being a responsible team.


We are dedicated to making all of our products environmentally friendly. Here are just a few of the ways we do that:


Energy Consumption

  • Environmentally considerate facility that uses a low energy process for curing the coating
  • Low energy light bulbs are in place
  • Efficiency program in place to unplug or shut down any unneeded equipment when possible

Recycled Material

  • Aluminum and Steel products and scrap are recycled inside our plant facility or using a third party recycling company as appropriate
  • Recycling program is actively in place for drinking water bottles, paper, electronics and cardboard
  • Aluminum that we purchase is created by both pre and post-consumer recycled material
  • Steel products are made from some recycled content

Recyclable Products

  • Steel, hardboard and MDF products are all recyclable materials
  • We source our raw materials from the USA, minimizing our global carbon footprint
  • Aluminum material is recyclable – this is important because material is diverted from the waste stream through the recycling infrastructure and can be used for other products

Low Emissions, Compliance

  • Our coating is produced using low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds); Sublimating UW coated products produces no VOCs
  • Our hardboard products are made entirely of wood fibers and contain no asbestos in any form
  • Hardboard is manufactured without the use of phthalates or added formaldehyde binding agents
  • By nature of its formulation, hardboard manufacturing processes are compliant with ANSI 135.4 and ANSI 135.5
  • Our MDF products have clean content with minimal added formaldehyde
  • Our MDF is compliant with Eco-Certified Composites (ECC) Sustainability Standard CPA ECC 4-11
  • CARB (California Air Resource Board) has granted us an exemption from their rule regarding the emission of formaldehyde from products and have issued us an exemption number; no chain-of-custody is necessary when using or reselling our products

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