We approach each day and each opportunity with enthusiasm for the work we do and the solutions we offer.

Our Beliefs

These beliefs are important to us as a company. We hold three beliefs above everything else.


People are our greatest resource.

The true value of any company is the people who are at the foundation of its success. At UW, we invest in each team member’s health, education and wellbeing by offering benefits such as educational assistance, wellness activities, leadership programs, communication seminars, safety training and much more.


Respect for all parties is imperative.

At UW, every team member is treated with respect. By setting the standard for respect as an expectation and a model behavior in our culture, it is reflected upon each person. This creates a successful environment of caring, kindness, and helpfulness.


Learning is essential to growth.

At Universal Woods, each and every team member participates in communication workshops, teamwork seminars, safety training and more. Continuous learning is the cornerstone of our growth and development. UW offers an educational assistance program that supports growth of knowledge for any team member. We are dedicated to our educational and training programs.

What It’s Like to Work Here

Universal Woods has an accepting, caring, and friendly culture.

Our culture emphasizes engagement, teamwork, growth, and the development of team members. Working here means that you are an essential and integral part of UW.

Photo of the breakroom at Universal Woods

Our Culture

We are family and team-oriented, with emphasis on the wellbeing and development of our team members.

Infographic showcasing the various generations represented by the staff at Universal Woods

We believe that people are our greatest resource. We have a wide array of team members that work at Universal Woods. Everyone brings a different perspective to the table and this helps us grow as a company.

Infographic showcasing that 22% of employees are in some form of higher-education

We offer an educational assistance program that supports growth of knowledge for any team member.  Around 22% of our workforce takes advantage of this program, from advanced degrees to continuing education.

Infographic showcasing the various countries represented by the staff at Universal Woods

We are from all over! Not only are we located in three different countries but we also have 28 countries represented by our team.

They care about each other here. There is respect and you are treated like family. There are plenty of opportunities to grow and be successful in life.

Isaac M. – Production

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